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Cybersecurity Forum with Kohler Company's VP Cybersecurity and Director of Digital Transformation Operations.

  • Tuesday, April 19, 2022
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Smart Manufacturing. Industry 4.0. Smart Factory. IoT. Automation. Remote Maintenance.

We know all the words associated with how we want to optimize our manufacturing by connecting systems with people, process, and machines.

Do we know what problem we are trying to solve? Do we know what good looks like? And how to apply it in a relevant manner to our business?

Join us as Kohler Company's Director of Digital Transformation of Operations, Peggy Gulick and the VP of Cybersecurity, Mandy Huth, talk about the realities of working together.

The outcomes we want are simple, but not always easy. Achieving them requires partnership, tons of communication, and even some compromises.

Come and find out more.


Leading the Wisconsin Connectivity


What We Believe

To inspire Wisconsin and the Midwest to be a leader in the internet of Things evolution. We believe that our rich history of supporting industries such as manufacturing, software, retail and healthcare give the region the experience and knowledge needed to foster the Internet of Things. 

We also believe if our companies and their employees are to continue to stay and grow here, and if new companies are going to be built here, we need to promote Wisconsin and the Midwest as the epicenter for IoT and drive technological advancement in the region so the world knows if you want to succeed in the Internet of Things evolution, you build it in the Midwest.

What We Do

WIoT is a professional membership driven organization that advocates for Wisconsin and the Midwest as the epicenter for IoT by providing the WIoT and its members with a forum and environment conducive for purposeful networking, relationship building, talent attraction and development and mutual exchange of information relative to the Internet of Things.

How We Do It

We provide statewide programming for our WIoT membership in the form of a regular event series focused on Education, Capital, Talent and Policy as it pertains to the Internet of Things.  Additionally, we provide an IoT Inventory of regional companies focused on IoT and source and publish case studies of IoT products and implementations that have taken place in Wisconsin.

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