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Why Join?

Should my company/employer and I join  WIoT?

Let us share with you why some company and IoT Leaders  have chosen to join us:

The Business Landscape is changing.  Subscription business anybody?

  • They know their existing business models may not be what takes them into the future and they are looking for insight.

Technology is rapidly moving

  • They understand that education in such a rapidly changing world is imperative.

Continuing to thrive in Wisconsin will require more talent and new skills.

  •  They realize that if their companies are going to continue to stay and grow here, they need to be sure the right type of talent is attracted or grown here.

Talented employees in the IoT space have a lot of options, but it’s not always easy to leave your tribe.

  • They recognize that for them to retain talent, their employees must find their “tribe” of similar people working on similar things around them.

WIoT will be in your corner advocating for Wisconsin being recognized as THE place you come to build smart, connected product by providing programming for our WIoT membership focused on Education, Capital, Talent and Policy as it pertains to the Internet of Things. 

Wearing the WIoT Badge, will give you a leg up.

Join Us

Thank You To Our Founding Members

The Wisconsin IoT Council
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