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WIoT Council Summer Quarterly Symposium

  • Wednesday, August 12, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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Wisconsin IoT Council:

Quarterly Symposium


We are thrilled to announce our next opportunity to hear from industry leaders in the IoT sphere. This is a 2 day virtual event. Only one registration is needed for all sessions.

Date: Wednesday, August 12, Thursday, August 13

Time: Session 1: 10 - 11am, Session 2: 2 - 3pm

Topics & Discussions

10:00am: Welcome from Board Chairman, Jeremy Udovich 

Session 1: Industry Case Study - Bemis Manufacturing Company’s Smart Shopping Cart

Moving from traditional manufacturer to digital product company, Kyle Payne, Sales Manager at Bemis Manufacturing, will give us an overview of how they created their smart shopping cart. He will share some of the why’s, the challenges and the lessons they learned along the way.

10:45am: Q & A

Session 2: Industry Case Study 2 - Strive Med Tech

Strive is a total care platform redefining the delivery of musculoskeletal care by empowering the patients through mobile software and wearable technology. An end-to-end solution from initial assessment and conservative care through surgery, post-op care and the return to the quality of life you are striving for. Join CEO Walter Cloud and CCO Shari Kappell as they guide you through the new digital healthcare journey with Strive.

2:00pm: Introductions

2:45pm: Q & A

Day 2: 10:00am Introductions by Board Chairman, Jeremy Udovich

Session 1: Academic IoT Curriculum 

We will hear from WIoT Council Board Member & Dean of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, Molly Gribb and her Associate, Professor Hal Evensen from UW Platteville. 

They will discuss the continuing development of the IoT curriculum modules that are currently in use throughout the UW systems. Professor Evensen is currently leading a multidisciplinary effort to integrate IoT concepts into the engineering curriculum.

In their most recent collaboration, they discussed Cybersecurity and Ethics as it relates to IoT.

10:45am: Q & A

Day 2: 2:00pm - Introductions by Board Chairman, Jeremy Udovich

Session 2:“Accelerating IoT in the US: To ensure IoT’s future, where should Federal government resources and investments be directed?”

  • Benson Chan and Gordon Feller

The webinar presenters are a team of IoT experts who received a grant from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology to conduct a unique IoT research study. The focus is on identifying IoT infrastructure gaps across ten industries; assessing and quantifying the macroeconomic benefits of closing those gaps; and recommending to the Federal government where to direct initiatives (research investments and other resources) over the next five to ten years. 

Summary: The Internet of Things promises to bring transformational change to numerous industries. Today’s use cases and successes are merely the tip of the iceberg. However, there are a number of technology infrastructure challenges that must be overcome in order to realize IoT’s potential, and ultimately, the full benefits.  This interactive webinar will present findings and learnings to date. There are IoT infrastructure gaps which, once filled, would result in greater adoption of IoT, and which would accelerate the use of IoT within the US. Which of these IoT infrastructure gaps are needing to be filled with the greatest level of urgency?

2:45pm - Q & A

Leading the Wisconsin Connectivity


What We Believe

To inspire Wisconsin and the Midwest to be a leader in the internet of Things evolution. We believe that our rich history of supporting industries such as manufacturing, software, retail and healthcare give the region the experience and knowledge needed to foster the Internet of Things. 

We also believe if our companies and their employees are to continue to stay and grow here, and if new companies are going to be built here, we need to promote Wisconsin and the Midwest as the epicenter for IoT and drive technological advancement in the region so the world knows if you want to succeed in the Internet of Things evolution, you build it in the Midwest.

What We Do

WIoT is a professional membership driven organization that advocates for Wisconsin and the Midwest as the epicenter for IoT by providing the WIoT and its members with a forum and environment conducive for purposeful networking, relationship building, talent attraction and development and mutual exchange of information relative to the Internet of Things.

How We Do It

We provide statewide programming for our WIoT membership in the form of a regular event series focused on Education, Capital, Talent and Policy as it pertains to the Internet of Things.  Additionally, we provide an IoT Inventory of regional companies focused on IoT and source and publish case studies of IoT products and implementations that have taken place in Wisconsin.

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